Scaffold small client application
Slacker Guide to Java Swing Application Development
Using the Scaffold small client application framework


The Scaffold distribution contains over 25 example applications that demonstrate both simple and advanced framework features. Some of them have tutorials linked below.

For a fairly comprehensive overview of what Scaffold can do, review at least these applications:

Basic Tutorial Applications

Begin here to “start from the start”.

  • TODO

Comparison Applications

Often, the value of a framework such as Scaffold is best demonstrated by comparing applications based on the framework versus conventional implementation. Fortunately, there are a bazillion (or so) small example Java applications publicly available. Here are a few examples from various sites that were replicated using Scaffold:

Collections of basic applications demonstrating select features in isolation:

Demonstration Applications

Applications highlighting various Scaffold features.

  • Calculator
    • Non-traditional GUI
    • Skins
    • POJO integration
  • Zip Tool
    • Asynchronous (SwingWorker like) tasks
    • POJO integration
  • Image Viewer
    • Progress monitoring of asynchronous (SwingWorker like) tasks
    • POJO integration
  • Zip Suite tutorial coming soon
    • Multiple application integration in same VM
  • Mars Viewer
    • Extend preexisting Scaffold application
    • Cancelable asynchronous (SwingWorker like) tasks
    • Progress monitoring of asynchronous (SwingWorker like) tasks
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